Sweet William

Sweet William

„So, I told my parents not to wake me up at all. If me and Sarah seeing each other is such a shame for them, then we should choose between three options:

  1. Let me stay in my bed forever,
  2. Let me stay in my bed until I die,
  3. Scream about how childish and irresponsible I am.

Well, obviously while I was busy considering option a and option b, course they made the decision for me, and now here we are: having a conversation about perfect relationships. Call me old-fashioned, but I think this subject perhaps shouldn’t be discussed with use of such expressions as ‘whore’, ‘slut’, and ‘gold-digger’”.

William, seventeen-year-old son of an implausibly rich chocolate factory owner and
a seemingly introverted petite wife of his, was in the middle of another educational quarrel concerning his current girlfriend. His parents obviously disapproved of the relationship, and that’s why they did their best to make the young boy leave Sarah.

It wasn’t easy, though. Will would always say that he was almost an adult and he wished his own decision be treated with all due respect.

‘You irresponsible spoilt kid! You always have whatever you want but you will never listen to us! Do you even realise how disrespectful it is?’

‘Yeah, I do. So, if you don’t mind, I shall leave you so that you avoid looking at your stupid spoilt wastrel.’

William stood up and walked through the front door, strolling like a gentleman taken from the 1920s. His calmness must have surprised his torturers so much that they were completely unable to react to his exiting immediately.

So then, Will walked into the night and struggled to weave a reasonable plan for the future. All he knew was that he loved Sarah with all his heart and hated his own parents for the oppression they created in their own home. They didn’t understand him, Sarah did. They didn’t love him, Sarah did. They only thought of money and reputation, Sarah used to say that his eyes were the biggest treasure she had ever seen in her entire life and there’s nothing else on the whole wide world that she’d cherish more. Well, that’s something…

Finally, he reached the destination of his nightly ramble. The temple of calmness, the tabernacle of tenderness and the anchor of his own loving heart. The house of Sarah, the Virgin Goddess.

He walked into the yard, stooped down to the ground and, with his palm, he sensed a tiny little smooth pebble. He threw it at Sarah’s window and waited for the light to turn on. After a couple of minutes he took another pebble, and he repeated the toss once again. The light didn’t turn on, but after a while that seemed to last throughout eternity the window opened with a muffled squeak.

A young girly face appeared in the moonlight. It was so fresh and beautiful that William instantaneously desired to kiss her lips and smooth her beautiful silky hair.

He was just about to call her and suggest going on walk together. But then he saw another figure in the dark. A masculine one. And it was so close his beloved one. Oh, goodness! They kissed!

And the dark masculine figure jumped down. From the place he landed at, the guy screamed:

‘And say hello to Willie Wonka! How sweet of him that he shares such a beauty with me!’

‘The hell, Peter! You’ll wake my parents!’

They both laughed cheerfully and she sent him a goodbye kiss.

Before he even felt a slightest jolt in his heart, William felt a strong one on his shoulder. It was his father’s hand shaking his arm gently, and his voice full of solicitude.

‘Well, that’s a banal story, my son. Isn’t it?’



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